Scissors, Hemostats & Foreceps


Locking Forceps - Hemostats

Hemostats have many uses in a lab, a shop or at home, holding or clamping small or hot items, or reaching into tight places. They can be used for assembly and manufacturing or repair work of many kinds. Great for removal of small fishing hooks. Available in a number of sizes and styles to suit your application. Made of stainless steel with semi-polished finish, all feature box joint, serrated jaws and rachet lock to ensure a secure hold. These tools are not made for human surgical use.


Dissection & Suture Removal Kit

Art# 13200, Surgical instruments for the teaching or research laboratory. All instruments are made of durable stainless steel and have a fine finish. Supplied in a zipper case with an 8 instrument capacity.

Art# 13209. Disposable, sterile suture removal kit offers convenience and extra protection against cross infection. This sterile kit can also be used in the procurement of surgical, forensic, and pathology tissue biopsies. Sold in packs of 10. 

Kit contains littauer scissors, 4" forceps and gauze sponge

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