Octane Elect EDS System

Octane Elect EDS System

The Octane Elect EDS System is an enhanced Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) platform with the latest advancements in Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology and high speed electronics. Tailored for users who demand higher performance and functionality than the options available in entry-level systems, the Octane Elect EDS System provides excellent resolution and high throughput at an optimal value with a remarkable low energy sensitivity for light element detection and low voltage (kV) microanalysis.

The Octane Elect SDDs incorporate a silicon nitride (Si3N4) window, high speed electronics and a manual slide. They can be combined with one of EDAX's Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD) cameras as part of the Pegasus EDS-EBSD Analysis System, providing seamless integration for both elemental composition and crystal structure analysis in one easy-to-use package. For more information, please visit the TEAM™ Pegasus EDS-EBSD Analysis System page.

The Octane Elect SDDs are available in 2 models:
Octane Elect Plus - 30 mm2 chip
Octane Elect Super - 70 mm2 chip

Best Light Element Performance

The Octane Elect SDD with a Si3N4 window offers major transmission improvements compared to detectors with a polymer window, leading to greatly improved light element performance and significantly more critical data for the materials analyst.

Low kV Performance

The mechanical properties of silicon nitride allow the use of thinly fabricated windows with a low aspect ratio support grid, offering a great benefit in terms of low energy sensitivity and optimal low voltage analysis.


Optimized SDD Electronics for stable energy at high collection rates

  • Fast pulse processing for mapping and quantification
  • Optimized data quality at all count rates
  • High resolution quantitative analysis at mapping speeds greater than 400,000 output cps


The EDAX EDS systems with advanced detection electronics offer the highest throughput count rate on the market for the best possible analysis and increased productivity.


The design of the SDDs with the material properties and durability of the Si3N4 window offer the most robust and reliable detectors for all EDS applications. The unique design means that they are corrosion and shock resistant, and suitable for plasma cleaning.

APEX™ EDS Analysis Software allows users to optimize their analysis time and get the best possible data from their sampleAPEX™ ensures high-quality, accurate results and increased productivity with its easy-to-use interface, live-time graphical display, and simultaneous review mode. Visit the APEX™ Software page for more information.

  • Standard with APEX™ Analysis Software for EDS applications
  • EDAX Analysis Software available for integrated EDS-EBSD applications

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