Polishing Compounds and Suspensions

Diamond Paste Polishing Compound

for cleaning and polishing

Diamond paste ready-packed for dispensing in syringes which are color-coded. Graded sizes and compounded for good dispersion. Exceeds US standards for purity, size and uniformity. Excellent cutting rates and provides a good smooth finish. Recommended for polishing various metals, alloys, minerals, glass, ceramics, carbides, semiconductors. Water and oil soluable. Available in 5 and 18 gram syringes and as 250 milliliter pump spray.
Set: Includes 5 sizes, (5g syringes or 250ml pump sprays) each: 0.25µm, 0.5µm, 1µm, 3µm and 6µm.
Used on polishing cloths.


Diamond Polishing Compound in Syringes, set of 5 sizes

Polishing -Spray, -Fluid, -Alumina -Paste -Suspension -Silica

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