Crucibles for Research, Analysis, Education & Experiments

Porcelain, PTFE, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Carbon Steel, Zirconium and Vitreous Carbon

Porcelain Crucibles

Economical glazed porcelain crucibles are supplied with lids. They are made from high purity raw material and are designed to withstand sudden temperature changes without cracks or deformation. Features are:

  • Good chemical and acid resistance
  • Can be used to up to 1050°C (1922°F)
  • Low cost
  • Include glazed lids
  • Incompatible with  HF and Alkali salts
  • Available in 10, 15, 20, and 100ml
  • Standard and wide form

Product No. Form Capacity Height Top
Wall Thickness Lid
842-10A Standard 10ml 28mm 30mm 1.8nm Included
842-15A Standard 15ml 30mm 35mm 1.8mm Included
842-20A Standard 20ml 32mm 38mm 1.8mm Included
842-100A Standard 100ml 59mm 63mm 1.8mm Included
843-15AW Low 15ml 23mm 43mm 1.8mm Included
843-30AW Low 30ml 30mm 51mm 1.8mm Included

Platinum Crucibles

Platinum exhibits excellent resistance to chemical reactions and has a high melting point. Platinum is widely used for chemical analysis. These crucibles do not include a lid; lids must be purchased separately. Features are:

  • Can be used to 1200°C (2192°F)
  • Maintains strength at higher temperatures
  • Virtually chemically inert
  • Resist oxidization in air
  • High corrosion resistance against acids and melted salts
Product No. Form Capacity Height Top
Wall Thickness Lid
850-01P Standard 1ml 13mm 12mm 7.2mm 0.15mm Optional
850-03P Standard 3ml 17mm 17mm 10mm 0.15mm Optional
850-05P Standard 5ml 22mm 20.5mm 12mm 0.15mm Optional
850-10P Low 10ml 24mm 29mm 17.5mm 0.20mm Optional
850-15P Low 15ml 27mm 32mm 19.5mm 0.20mm Optional
850-20P Low 20ml 31mm 37mm 22.5mm 0.25mm Optional
850-25P Low 25ml 34mm 41mm 25mm 0.23mm Optional
850-30P Standard 30ml 41mm 37.5mm 22.5mm 0.23mm Optional
850-35P Low 35ml 36mm 43.5mm 26.5mm 0.25mm Optional
850-40P Standard 40ml 46mm 41.5mm 25mm 0.28mm Optional
850-50P Low 50ml 41mm 49mm 30mm 0.30mm Optional
850-100P Standard 100ml 58mm 54mm 30mm 0.30mm Optional

PTFE Crucibles

PTFE crucibles are molded from pure PTFE, a chemically inert material. Smooth surfaces avoid contamination and are easily cleaned. Features are:

  • Compatible with cryo temperatures to moderate heating -196 to 280°C (-321 to 536°F)
  • Chemically inert
  • Crack-free
Product No. Form Capacity Height Top
Wall Thickness Lid
844-5T Low 5ml 16mm 27mm 2.1mm Without
844-25T Low 25ml 26mm 44mm 2.1mm Without
844-75T Low 75mm 41mm 56mm 2.6mm Without
844-100T Low 100ml 45mm 60mm 2.6mm Without

Stainless Steel Crucibles

Stainless steel crucibles can be used in cryo applications. They are a formed from a single piece of material and are less fragile than porcelain crucibles when dropped on a hard surface. Highly polished surface. Features are:

  • Can be used from -180 to 800°C (-292 to 1472°F)
  • Include lid
  • Sturdy
  • Good resistance to concentrated alkali solutions
  • Resistant to nitric acid, nitrates, potassium permanganate
  • Medium resistance to dilute sulfuric acid, acetic acid, boric acid, organic acids and low concentrations of sulfates, phosphoric and bromide solutions.
Product No. Form Capacity Height Top
Wall Thickness Lid
846-15SS Standard 15ml 34mm 32mm 0.6mm Included
846-20SS Standard 20ml 34mm 35mm 0.6mm Included
846-25SS Standard 25ml 34mm 36mm 0.6mm Included
846-30SS Standard 30ml 38mm 39mm 0.6mm Included
846-50SS Standard 50ml 48mm 46mm 0.6mm Included
846-100SS Standard 100ml 55mm 57mm 0.6mm Included

Nickel Crucibles

Nickel crucibles are made from high purity nickel (99.9%) with impurities of Ti and Mg. Made from one piece with highly polished surfaces. Not to be used in assays where the presence of Ni could affect the results. Features are:

  • Includes lid
  • Very low oxidization in air
  • Temperatures up to 600°C (1112°F)
  • Used for assays with NaOH or Na2O (this would attack porcelain)
  • Good resistance to alkali and seawater
  • Excellent resistance to damp chlorine and gaseous hydrochloric acids
  • Low resistance to organic, hydrochloric, sulfuric and diluted nitric acids
Product No. Form Capacity Height Top
Wall Thickness Lid
847-15NI Standard 15ml 28mm 32mm 0.75mm Included
847-25NI Standard 25ml 39mm 36mm 0.75mm Included
847-50NI Standard 50ml 48mm 44mm 0.75mm Included
847-100NI Standard 100ml 57mm 56mm 0.75mm Included

Carbon Steel Crucibles

Carbon steel crucibles are made from a low alloy steel; they are made from one piece. Low cost alternative for special applications.  Highly polished surface. These crucible sometimes exhibit light rust; this can be easily removed with grade 0000 fine steel wool. Features are:

  • Can be used up to 500°C (932°F)
  • Includes lid
  • Affordable
Product No. Form Capacity Height Top
Wall Thickness Lid
845-15FE Standard 15ml 30mm 45mm Included
845-20FE Standard 20ml 35mm 60mm Included
845-25FE Standard 25ml 40mm 45mm Included
845-30FE Standard 30ml 40mm 60mm Included
845-50FE Low 50ml 50mm 65mm Included
845-100FE Low 100ml 50mm 80mm Included

Crucible and Laboratory Tongs

Available in stainless steel and nickel plated steel.

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