Electron Microscopy Application Kit

Art# 36500-10 Electron Microscopy Tissue Processing Application Kit for use with the PELCO BioWave® Pro+

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The PELCO ColdSpot® Pro

The PELCO ColdSpot® Pro is designed for control of the environment inside the PELCO BioWave® Pro and Pro+ microwave systems. The water within the PECLO ColdSpot® Pro circulates through the internal Load Cooler within the BioWave® system or through the external PELCO SteadyTemp™ Pro chiller. This provides consistent temperature control at the specimen level as well as eliminating the standing wave pattern within the microwave cavity.

PELCO® EM Pro Microwave Vacuum Chamber

The PELCO® EM Pro Vacuum Chamber is made from microwave-transparent polypropylene and designed to reach a maximum vacuum of 20" of Hg. The PELCO® EM Pro Vacuum Chamber works in conjunction with the internal vacuum pump in the PELCO BioWave® Pro and Pro+ microwave systems. The vacuum chamber can run a continuous vacuum or utilize a vacuum cycle, depending on the application and need of the user.

Capsule Preparation Station

The Capsule Preparation Station is designed for the size 00 embedding capsules as an aid for filling and orientation for polymerization. The prep station is made from polypropylene that allows for easy resin clean-up.

Microwave Polymerization System

The Microwave Polymerization System contains all the components necessary for polymerization of resin within the BioWave® Pro and Pro+ microwave systems. The Microwave Polymerization System is compatible with epoxy and LR White resins.

PELCO® Prep-Eze™

The PELCO Prep-Eze™ specimen holders are designed for microwave processing. The sturdy PTFE design is offered in 6-well and 12-well configurations. Each kit contains a specimen holder, ID mat for each design, and a set of polypropylene petri dishes.

PELCO® Microwave Microcentrifuge Tubes PTFE Holder

PELCO® Microwave Microcentrifuge Tube Holder in PTFE is designed for use in the PELCO BioWave® Pro and Pro+ microwave systems. The holder can accommodate 18, 1.5ml microcentrifuge tubes.

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